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Further funding for York and North Yorkshire green schemes

Government have announced a further £2 million for York and North Yorkshire as part of a drive to unlock private investment, speed up efforts to tackle climate change and help the UK reach its net zero target.

This adds to £8 million already pledged in 2023 for net zero and natural capital schemes in the region.

One of three pilots announced on Thursday (30), the York and North Yorkshire funding will aim to replicate a similar, successful model in Bristol, which supported around 1,000 jobs. Bristol City Leap established an innovative public-private partnership between Bristol City Council, Ameresco Ltd and Vattenfall Heat UK, which helped secure millions of pounds worth of investment into Bristol’s energy system, including solar, wind, heat networks, heat pumps and energy efficiency measures across the council’s estate.

Investment follows the landmark proposed devolution deal for York and North Yorkshire.

Councillor Claire Douglas, Leader of City of York Council, said: “The additional £2 million announced is a further demonstration of how devolution is already attracting more investment for our region. This brings new opportunities and more money and shows how the new combined authority can deliver for the people of York and North Yorkshire.

“Our Council Plan – 'One City, for all' – lays out how it is a priority for us to maximise the opportunities presented by devolution. A significant part of that is tackling the climate emergency and growing our economy for the benefit of everyone. We are working closely with colleagues in North Yorkshire to establish the combined authority in the new year and will continue our efforts to make devolution a success for people and businesses across the region.”

North Yorkshire Council’s leader, Cllr Carl Les, said: “We know how vital it is to tackle the threat of climate change, and this money is extremely welcome to help to introduce more environmentally-friendly projects.

“It is another example of how the benefits of the proposed devolution deal for York and North Yorkshire are already being achieved.

“These projects will provide more jobs and greater career opportunities, which is one of the issues at the heart of devolution to improve the lives of hundreds of thousands of people in York and North Yorkshire.

“The new funding will also help to develop what is such an important sector that will be recognised nationally and bring in more investment to the region.”

In October, 23 green schemes in York and North Yorkshire were allocated a share of £7 million. These projects can deliver significant carbon reductions and contribute to the region’s ambition to be net zero by 2034. Alongside carbon reduction, investment aims to: create a pipeline of net zero projects that will drive economic growth, create jobs, reduce energy costs for businesses and leverage further investment for the region.

This followed-up April’s announcement of £1 million for a new Local Investment in Natural Capital programme for York and North Yorkshire.

The latest investment is subject to progress of the York and North Yorkshire Combined Authority. Legislation to form the combined authority is currently moving through Parliament.


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