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Plans to progress proposed devolution deal backed by councillors across York and North Yorkshire

Updated: Jun 22, 2023

Both City of York council and North Yorkshire County councils have met to consider the findings of the statutory consultation for devolution that almost 2000 people took part in between October and December last year. Following their considerations both councils have agreed to progress devolution to the next stage, which is to submit the consultation results and the associated scheme for devolution, to the Secretary of State.

Previously, the Executives for both councils had also considered the consultation results and referred the proposal to support a decision based on the views of the full councils.

The consultation survey covered a range of topics laid out in the scheme for how devolution would work across a range of issues, including housing, transport, skills and employment and climate change. The consultation also addressed the governance arrangements for devolution, which would include devolved powers, over £540m of new funding and the election of a Mayor for York and North Yorkshire.

The consultation results showed that the region was broadly supportive of devolution, with the majority, 54%, in favour of a Mayor for York and North Yorkshire, whilst 32% were opposed or strongly opposed.

The decision made by the councils will now see the consultation results and the scheme for devolution submitted to the Secretary of State for review.

To read both council press releases please visit:

Image: The devolution consultation launch at York's Guildhall. Photograph: Joe Cooper originally published by York Mix


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